Service Categories


At Regency Enterprise Services, we offer specific resources, labor and assistance which support our four main specialty services: Project Management, Facility Management, Event Services and Consulting Services. If you are looking for these service-specific resources, we have outlined them below.


If you are simply looking for an ala carte list of all the services we offer, click here.



1PROJECT MANAGEMENT We have experience with disaster management, construction site management, solid waste and recycling management and site remediation and provide services including:

  • Contract cleaning
  • Post-contstruction cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning (internal and external)
  • Lawn and landscaping services
  • Snow and ice control and removal
  • Property remediation

2FACILITY MANAGEMENT Facility Management is often described as the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organizations associated with business service functions such as offices, schools, convention centers and airports etc. However Regency knows we don’t all live in that kind of a sterile world so we offer a wide array of services like:

  • Janitorial services
  • Event/Meeting set-up and tear-down
  • Post event clean-up
  • Waste/recycling logistics and consulting
  • Temporary labor
  • Lawn and landscaping

3EVENT MANAGEMENT The root of every successful event is a sound strategy.  Bringing this to life often requires more than a list of tactical details and a strong operational plan. It requires a vendor who feels like the success of the event is a direct reflect on them.  At Regency your success is our success.  We know it takes years of hard work and effort to gain the reputation as the best in the business and one bad event to tarnish that reputation.  Regency offers a wide array of services to be the one-stop shop for your special event.

  • Set-up and tear-down
  • Complete trash plan
  • Complete recycling and compostable plan
  • Street cleaning and power-washing
  • Post-event services including: sod and vegetation replacement, mowing, trimming, snow removal and erosion control
  • Temporary labor
  • Portable toilets and wash stations

4CONSULTING SERVICES Regency works closely with clients to resolve issues in personnel, facilities, safety and revenue.  Additionally, Regency can provide unbiased guidance on competitive analysis, business critical reporting, operational safety, logistics, client and employee retention, logistics raising investment capital and alternative funding vehicles, financial P&L assessments, client and employee retention programs, operational and capital budgeting and pricing strategies.